The Disciples of Dirt Mountain Bike Club (DOD) boasts members from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, but we focus our efforts within Oregon’s Southern Willamette Valley, where the club was founded and the majority of our membership live and ride. Club members share a high level of passion for mountain biking and the DOD is well known within the cycling world for being stewards of our local trails and champions for improved trail access for cyclists.



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DOD is always in need of volunteers for trail work, events, communication, and more. Please sign up HERE, and tell us about your skills and interests.

Trail Volunteers

Trail Volunteers

Creative Trail Designs is back at Whypass for the next few weeks. We plan to rebuild a few turns at the south end of Alpha then continue on Your Sister with the machine build. Current plan is two volunteers needed/day/shift starting 9/30 through 10/6. If you are available to assist, please email [email protected] and provide what days you can help, including your preference for morning or afternoon shift. I will do my best to schedule the volunteer support. The build crew has requested all volunteers be vaxxed. Thanks.

Thurston Hills

New hiking and mountain biking trails are on the way! Willamalane and Oregon Woods Inc. have started work on new trails on the southwest side of Thurston Hills Natural Area. Expect vehicles traveling intermittently on Camas Crest Trail as we get the job done. Other trails won’t be impacted. Keep tabs on progress at

Cloverpatch Connector

The Alpine Trail Crew Association and the Disciples of Dirt dug into the start of the new Cloverpatch Connector yesterday, a 4.5 mile new trail that will displace the gravel road section of the Alpine-Tire Mountain-Cloverpatch-Alpine loop. This is a gorgeous patch of forest in the shade, and when completed will deliver a contiguous 30-mile singletrack adventure on the Alpine Network for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Bridges and puncheons will bring trail users past exquisite wetlands, creeks and a waterfall.

We’re looking at recruiting several thousand hours of hand built construction in partnership with NWYC, USFS, and all our amazing volunteers. We look forward to engaging our greater community of trail users in this project – if you or your group/organization is interested in setting up a service day to help bring this amazing vision to fruition, please contact us at [email protected] with an inquiry and availability.

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Join The DOD

There are tons of great reasons to join the Disciples of Dirt.  Whether it’s to help protect and improve local mountain biking trail access, member rewards program or even helping cover our events. How could one argue with that!

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