The Disciples of Dirt Mountain Bike Club (DOD) boasts members from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, but we focus our efforts within Oregon’s Southern Willamette Valley, where the club was founded and the majority of our membership live and ride. Club members share a high level of passion for mountain biking and the DOD is well known within the cycling world for being stewards of our local trails and champions for improved trail access for cyclists.




DOD is always in need of volunteers for trail work, events, communication, and more. Please sign up HERE, and tell us about your skills and interests.

Sawtooth Struggle Is Coming!

September 20-22

A classic in the DOD lineup of epic rides, the “Struggle” will leave you breathless with it’s beautiful vistas along the trails near Timpanogas Lake, hikes to the summit of Cowhorn mountain and Sawtooth ridge, and so much more.

Some folks will arrive Friday … maybe even as early as Thursday.

Be prepared for at least an extra hour of driving past Oakridge.

The plan includes plenty of fun for all levels, but there are some “stiff” climbs involved.

Saturday: Ride/hike and summit two mountains, Cowhorn and Sawtooth—or just summit Cowhorn if hiking isn’t so much your thing. 10 AM roll time.

Sunday: Ride to Suzanne Lake on the beautiful Windy Lakes Trail. 10 AM roll time.

There are several trails you can ride right out of camp if you’re not interested in joining the main rides.

Plus: Swim, canoe, relax, and Saturday night potluck.

Here is a link with a great description of the Struggle

Mt Baldy Trail Construction: Through late September

Be prepared to encounter hazards and delays on the north side of Mt Baldy, a segment of the Eugene Ridgeline trail system. The trail won’t be closed during the project, but mountain bikers should be aware of what they may encounter, especially when coming down the hill at speed.

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