New to the DOD Wednesnighter?

We’ve had people join in the past who thought they were prepared but weren’t. So, a quick list of necessaries: 

  • •  At least one bad ass light
  •   Helmet
  •   Shoes
  •   Water and food
  •   And since you’re new, you are required to bring the post-ride beer

I would say that the light is most important followed by the beer. Scratch that. The beer is most important.

And when I say “bad ass light” I’m not talking about a REI $30 AAA LED camping light or Cat Eye commuter light. I’m talking about the kind where you hear stories about people burning down their houses because they left it on in their bike gear bag by accident. If you don’t know if your light falls in the “badass” category, then it probably doesn’t. Ask because it’s best to be prepared.

As for your abilities to ride single track at night, that’s all you. The only way to know for sure is to show up and give it a whirl.

We welcome newbies (that bring beer) and we will do our best to keep you and the beer safe. We won’t allow you to get lost or injured because then we don’t get the beer. Do you understand the importance of the beer?

If you have any concerns or questions, please speak (post) now to insure an enjoyable ride.

Welcome to the DOD Wednesnighter. Enjoy the ride.

Addition: Now that we are an IMBA chapter, the DOD would really, really like that you always wear a helmet (in fact it’s required). Although helicopters are really cool, we don’t want to watch one lift you out of the woods. Again, if you don’t have a helmet; ask now to insure an enjoyable ride for all.

— Chris