Alright people, it’s time to rally! In order to get All Comer’s Meet back on the calendar, or even be able to ride the Whypass trail system at all, we need to first clean up the gargantuan mess left behind by the ice storm. And now that Carpenter Bypass Road has been cleared, we can finally drive in and get to work!
On Saturday, February 10th DOD is calling on all USFS Certified Sawyers* as well as anyone who can toss branches or rake debris to show up and pitch in. Meet-up is at the north parking area, aka The Pile, at 10 AM. As always, wear sturdy boots, long pants/sleeves, protective eyewear, and a hardhat if you have one. DOD has loaner hardhats but it would be a good idea to bring your bike helmet in case we run out. If you have a handsaw and/or a rake, those would be useful too. Pack water and a lunch; we will have snacks and beverages for everyone afterwards.
Please come on out and help! It’s going take a huge team effort to get our trails back to rideable again.
*ONLY sawyers with a current FS certification will be allowed to cut. Cards will be checked so don’t forget to bring yours with you.