September 2020 Board Meeting Notes

DOD Board Meeting Minutes

Via Zoom

Sept 14th, 2020

Commenced 6:10 pm

1. Public Forum: None present.

2. Position reports

A. Chair (Lee): Received $200 donation from a donor on the east coast.

B. Vice Chair (Ryan Comeau): Getting together paperwork for raffle license for trying to raffle

off a bike at some point. 2 licenses for bikes over $500– one up to $10k (including revenue)

and another for over $10k in donations.

C. Treasurer (Justin Price) : No new business. Discussed impact of WP improvements to DOD


D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Minutes were posted. Minutes should be now available on website.

Brought up Helen’s idea for offering help to Horse Creek Lodge. Jeff is going to create a new

club account for Vistaprint so the templates won’t get lost.

E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): Read bylaws to review where DOD’s focus should be and ensure

we’re following our mission. We’re not following the educational portion of our bylaws and

perhaps we should either modify the language in our bylaws or do more to follow them,

including the environmental aspect. Thurston Hills system needs some work. We will find out

tomorrow whether Willamalane collaboration will get the national award. We need to get

more grassroots recognition for fundraising. We might be involved in designing signs for

Thurston Hills. Peter proposed hiring a contractor to redesign Your Sister at Whypass. Justin

to respond within a couple weeks with a financial impact statement for the proposed

expenditure to ensure it leaves WP with enough funds. Jeff reminded the club that a lot of

people like the XC riding at Whypass and not necessarily too much flow.

F. PR/Marketing (Issac Johnson): Working on mapping software – Trailforks. Nobody has

updated it in years, and our last donation was in 2018. Proposing to update website and

Trailforks with better Trailforks management tools and donation links, and catering to newer

riders with easier Whypass trail loop options to help guide new riders. Also proposing a

better way to compile trail conditions report since LCBS gets so many calls on trail


G. Rides/Events (Fiona): The fires and Covid are preventing rides and events this year. Working

on rides and events planning for next year. Working on designs for new DOD apparel.

Waiting until Spring before ordering Club Ride. Jeff to send more pictures to the artist for


Concluded at 7:50 pm