The Disciples of Dirt Mountain Bike Club (DOD) boasts members from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, but we focus our efforts within Oregon’s Southern Willamette Valley, where the club was founded and the majority of our membership live and ride. Club members share a high level of passion for mountain biking and the DOD is well known within the cycling world for being stewards of our local trails and champions for improved trail access for cyclists.



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DOD is always in need of volunteers for trail work, events, communication, and more. Please sign up HERE, and tell us about your skills and interests.

DOD Benefits from REI Grant

We are so grateful and honored that REI has yet again chosen Disciples of Dirt as a beneficiary of their grant program. This past year the company donated $5,600 for DOD’s ongoing trail improvements at Whypass including those on Fungirl, Moreplay, and Sunset. More upgrades coming at you this spring! Thank you REI for your generous donation!

Digging Whypass

Digging Whypass

Volunteers are digging on a new trail upgrade at Whypass. It will be several months before it’s finished and ready to ride, so please stay off it over the winter. Air under your tires is forecast come spring. The Gift keeps giving.

Carpenter Bypass Logging Update

Carpenter Bypass Logging Update

As logging at Whypass continues, operations have moved north. Currently trees are being felled on both sides of Carpenter Bypass Road on SST and on HE above MorePlay. Loggers are done with the south end of the network (Alpha, Nine Yards, Your Sister etc.) but have yet to clear the debris and slash from the trails. The Gift and everything north of the South Staging Area down to the The Pile is open and clear. Donsled and Burial Ground are also open (look for a new fun line under construction connecting Sunset to Donsled). We are hoping for the south end trails to be cleared soon but in the meantime, you might have to use a little creativity to get in a workout. Don’t worry, it will all be over this spring when we will get ALL of our trails back to full shredability.

Join The DOD

There are tons of great reasons to join the Disciples of Dirt.  Whether it’s to help protect and improve local mountain biking trail access, member rewards program or even helping cover our events. How could one argue with that!

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