October 2020 Board Meeting

DOD Board Meeting Minutes
Via Zoom
Oct 12th, 2020
Commenced 6:39 pm

  1. Public Forum: OMBC Rep – Adam Steffan. Signed MOU. Bylaws have been edited and will go
    back for lawyer review prior to club vote. Collecting different tool ideas for trail work such as
    pre-registration and maximum attendance numbers. Worth discussing with ATCA or GOATS.
  2. Position reports
    A. Chair (Lee): We got a couple small bills in the mail – hosting services and our non-profit atty.
    B. Vice Chair (Ryan Comeau): Obtaining info needed for application for DOJ so we can raffle
    items. Info needed includes board member info – Lee to provide. Will post application in the
    next couple days for Board review. Need to determine Class A or Class B, depending on the
    value. Class B is not to exceed $10k per item. Recommends Class B for our needs. DOD
    website isn’t properly displaying DOD board meeting minutes. Lee to follow up with Corey
    on getting the minutes hosted automatically.
    C. Treasurer (Justin Price) : No new business. Still need to pay Angela for t-shirt artwork.
    D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Minutes were posted.
    E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): Looking at crowd sourcing public info route maps for WP trail
    network. A lot of people from out of town are riding WP and they’re using Trailforks. As of
    today, Western Lane Co. has declared the fire season over. Trail work: ATCA on Oct 31st and
    Nov. 1st on Alpine. Willamalane is getting an award from Recreational Trails Program for
    Thurston Hills. Upcoming work at WP with Creative Trails contract to be done by machine.
    DOD trail work focus is on Thurston and WP this fall/winter but Hardesty/Goodman may be
    in the works. Cascade Volunteers is coordinating trail work for the WNF. Chainsaw cert class
    Oct 24th and likely again in the spring.
    F. PR/Marketing (Issac Johnson): Working hard on the Trailforks idea of developing loops for
    newer riders or those unfamiliar with WP trails. Getting close to launching the mapping
    program, and will include a donation link. Trying to find fun things to post amid the fires and
    bad news. Issac to look through Dropbox archives for ideas on engaging our membership on
    social media.
    G. Rides/Events (Fiona): No rides and events until we get approval. Might look at virtual ride
    options. Fiona to get info to Threadbare on shirt orders. We need more Silipints. Working on
    shirt orders from Primal/Mud Flap. Jeff to get Word document to Fiona on contract for
    Angela for her artwork.

Concluded at 7:40 pm