At the moment DOD made the decision to call off All Comer’s Meet and reschedule the event for mid February, we had NO idea how much damage would be wrought by the impending ice storm. Rake a few cones, toss off a few branches, maybe saw out a tree or two… and we’d be good to go. Or so we imagined. Reality however, painted an entirely different picture. Carpenter Bypass Road is currently closed due to countless trees down, and our scouts had to hike in from Siuslaw River Road just to get a look at the network. The report was pretty daunting: so many trees and branches down, that in places it was hard to guess which direction the trail went. Suffice to say the clean-up will be epic and an all-hands-on-deck kind of situation. Having laid eyes on only about 20% of the trails, we can’t even wrap our heads around what the recovery timeline might be. Therefore at this point we are making no promises as to when All Comer’s Meet will actually happen (although be assured, it WILL happen). First we need to schedule a trailwork party—or two or three. We’ll be needing certified sawyers, as well as anyone who can rake and toss branches, to help us get Whypass cleaned up and open for business. So stay tuned, friends. More information to come!