Sharing our local trails with out-of-towners

Your Disciples of Dirt are the Lion’s share of the guides who show those wise enough to choose MBO as their summer adventure the trails and provide a carefree environment for them to just take in the great riding and great views. Without the guides it would just be a lot of folks on new trails. New trails are good trails, but new trails often come with surprises and questions. The guides remove all doubt and worry about making it back to camp and the next pint. We show the way, lend a hand, fix a flat, tell a joke and give kudos … whatever a client needs to have their best ride ever! Remember that feeling of looking back at the section of trail you fixed this spring? How gratifying it was and how excellent you felt despite the sore back, tired hands and muddy clothes? That’s a good feeling but it doesn’t compare to how good it feels looking back at all the tired, dusty and smiling faces as the shuttle rolls away from the end the day’s ride. It’s a special thing to increase a person’s stoke on our trails … and we get to do that hundreds of times a day … for three days!

Stewardship comes in many different forms. We protect trails from abuse. We fix them when they’re damaged. We create new opportunities for MTB’ing. We grow and encourage the next generation of riders…and we grow our sport and stoke on Oregon riding. Disciples are leading the charge, leading the sport in stewardship. Guides are asked to do quite a bit while “working” at MBO, but I’m here to tell you that the pay is fantastic. The smiles, high fives, hooting/hollering and hugs for a job well done make us feel like we’re getting away with something special … and I think we are Disciples, we are. We’re growing our sport and our area. “Job” well done.