March 2021 Board Meeting Notes

DOD Board Meeting Minutes
Via Zoom
March 8th 2021
Commenced 6:39 pm

  1. Public Forum: Ben Hanson: Black Oak Basin, east of Hendrick’s Park – just north of Bloomberg
    Park – there’s an existing mountain bike trail. Needs to be rerouted a bit, but CoE wants to
    incorporate it into the city park options. Eli Meyer: Was wondering if we had an update on Arlie,
    and whether there’s anything in the works for a pump track in Eugene. Lee: We had a committee
    formed two years ago but it didn’t go anywhere. Peter: Arlie is probably the best opportunity for
    a pump track. Adam: 2022 is the year for a couple trails to be constructed at Arlie. A pump track
    is part of the discussion for Arlie or for State Street. Adam Steffen: Last week OMBC did official
    nominations, and is now an official 501(3)(c) and has a 10-person board now, including myself.
    Char (on behalf of Ogre): North Shore Tie is running really well and is getting maintained.
  2. Position reports
    A. Chair (Lee): REI only gave us a window of a week to get the grant request submitted, due this
    Friday. Lee to submit. We sent out a letter to BLM regarding their fee proposal with Peter’s
    help. Westfir Lodge has reached out to us on a promotion offer for shuttles for members.
    They now have a licensed shuttle service. Westfir Lodge/Noah: We want to offer a free
    shuttle service for members for a day this season – up to about 18 total (two vans), within
    the confines of the forest service rules.
    B. Vice Chair (Ryan Comeau – absent):
    C. Treasurer (Justin Price) : We got a new donation this week for $250 from a land
    development person. I’ve been working too much to get the taxes done so far.
    D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Minutes posted. Jeff to reach out to Deschutes Ranger Station
    regarding feasibility of Barbie Camp. Also will reach out to CW regarding a discount for
    season shuttle passes.
    E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): $250 is from Jeff Brinks Land Management, from a referral from
    Frasier. There’s a section of spine trail that’s bad for winter travel at Thurston Hills. Working
    with Frasier to get a plan. DOD is currently engaged with Eugene Parks and Open Space on
    rogue trails to make them legit and sustainable (Meat Snack/Skidder). Lee and I may reach
    out to Skye to work with COE on this as he’s a mountain biker and was a professional trail
    builder. We have a meeting this Friday at Ridgeline on these two trails to make this plan
    happen. DOD trying to engage NICA to involve local youth as well with these trails. Work is
    also happening at WP.
    F. PR/Marketing (Isaac Johnson – excused absence)
    G. Rides/Events (Fiona): I’m hoping in August we can plan on doing happy rides again. MBO is
    going to be a week long.

Concluded at 7:37 pm