The 2014/2015 trailwork season which follows the USFS fiscal year is all but over … and the numbers are in! This year Disciples of Dirt volunteers logged a whopping 3,144 hours maintaining and improving our local trails as well as building several miles of brand new single track. 

This was a year where DOD focused heavily on the trail network at Carpenter Bypass. We created two rowdy DH-style lines in The Gift area and built four new bypass sections that got some of our most used trails off private land and onto BLM property. We also partnered with Oakridge GOATS for a fun summer camping and trailwork party on the Middle Fork Trail where we built new bridges over several of the creeks below Paddy’s Valley. Along with big days on Hardesty, Lost Creek, O’Leary, and other trails, it was a hugely productive year.

Thank you to all of our hard working volunteers, many of whom show up time after time to give back to the trails we all love to ride. And a big shout-out to Brock, Lee, and Paul for the hundreds of hours they logged between them organizing and leading the work crews … we couldn’t have accomplished this much without them. 

Click on the shovel above to see all of the trails our volunteers maintain.