July 2020 Board Meeting Notes

DOD Board Meeting Minutes

Lee’s House

July 8thth, 2020

Commenced 6:36 pm

1. Public Forum: Ryan Comeau, candidate for VP on site. Issac Johnson as candidate for PR/Communications was also present. Adam Steffen present.

2. Position reports

A. Chair (Lee): Applied for $250 grant from Greenway. Off-road group.

We have a new $500 sponsor – home improvement coordination company. We can now

take Visa/MC payments on our website. Corey is working on our website to get a slot for our

minutes. I reached out for fundraising opportunity. They got Kona to donate a bike. Justin at

LCBS pledged $2500 for future trail improvements.

B. Vice Chair (Still Vacant):

C. Treasurer (Via phone): Memberships are picking up. More donations by Trailforks are

coming in. We got $2k from BLM. Funds are stable, everything is paid up.

D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Minutes were posted.

E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): BLM put down $2k for Whypass trail development and DOD put

down $10k, for Fun Girl and Can’t Be Done. Still no organized trail work parties due to

COVID. Working on formulating Covid-compliant trail work procedures with BLM. Level 1 fire

restrictions are currently in place.

F. PR/Marketing (Vacant):

G. Rides/Events (Char had a planned absence): Looking at a new jersey design. Isaac knows an

artist (Amy) who could help. The merch store is nearly almost open.

A vote was held for position of Vice Chair and PR/Marketing. Ryan and Isaac were

successfully voted into those positions.

Concluded at 8:11 pm