July 2021 Board Meeting Notes

DOD Board Meeting Minutes
Tap N Growler
July 12th 2021
Commenced 6:42 pm

  1. Public Forum: Ben: Discussion with Gateway Green/Frasier regarding potential pump track.
    Frasier voiced concern over the same issues the skate park has had. How to balance use
    between different user groups like kids vs adults. Frasier said Willamalane is having a board
    meeting this Wednesday – Ben volunteered to go. Adam re: OMBC: Had a meeting last Monday.
    Portland’s membership has been growing – around 5k now. NWTA had a lot of internal
    discussions with COTA regarding a new 50 mile network further east. We need to create a list of
    where we need statewide assistance.
  2. Position reports
    A. Chair (Lee): Attending the Willamalane Board meeting. Got permit application from BLM for
    upcoming events at WP. Tracking memberships, we got more private donations. Meeing with
    Ben with REI for follow-up on grant. Taking him on tour of our trails.
    B. Vice Chair (Ryan Comeau: Working on two projects: 1) Membership overhaul on web
    interface. I can send a link to beta test it. We need to be able to protect the info on our
    membership list, and maybe put it on the members to prove membership to get vendor
    discounts. 2) Still working on DOD online store.
    C. Treasurer (Justin Price): We’ll review budget requests when they come in. Oregon Dept of
    Justice paperwork is getting completed.
    D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Minutes sent out, still need to
    E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): CoE: Did a field trip and flagged a line for Meaty Snack. Crib walls
    will be necessary since it’s on a steep slope. Skye likely to lead volunteer effort. Need Board’s
    approval to outlay funds for Skye.
    I’m interested in more trail renovation at WP – Your Sister is primary. Eric Emerson to do the
    work. Also last couple turns at Alpha. Bottom of Fun Girl is a mud bog – hoping to get
    authorization to fix that. More on Don Sled as well. Justin: Please send list of budget items.
    Tom Wright now has a mini-excavator and has said he’s willing to work at WP with
    permission from BLM. B Line is essentially closed – they’re rebuilding the road due to timber
    DOD has been asked by Oregon Timber Trail “OTT” to sponsor a “Fu-Grass” trail build
    weekend. Mt Fuji/Bunchgrass. Dennis Baker is now an ATCA board member and is taking the
    lead on the Cloverpatch connector project.
    F. PR/Marketing (Isaac Johnson): We’re hearing reports of injuries at WP on the new jump line
    I’m going to post on rider awareness/safety.
    G. Rides/Events (Fiona): Happy Ride August 14th at Whypass. Kid’s Ride October 16thrd. Small
    [email protected] maybe early September like third Sat. of Sept (18th) since there’s a NICA race on the

11th. ACM on MLK Day Weekend. Barbie Camp to occur in October 23rd/24th. Michelle/ATCA
asked us to host aid station on July 31st at Windy Pass for Alpine Epic Race. Oct. 8/9/10 is
“Stokeridge” event by ATCA. We’re ordering Silipints, jerseys, and shirts for ACM.

Concluded at 8:40 pm