There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have an opportunity to make a difference, everyone’s life. In reality there’s lots of moments … but we are often too busy or distracted to notice them … make use of them. Here is one of those moments, take a moment and do not let it pass you by.

In the Pacific Crest Trail we have one of the supreme backcountry expeditions available. It presents those hardy and lucky enough to make their way on it with views and beauty so rich it can make one wonder how … how can this be real? How can I make this last?
For years mountain bikers were able to access this wonder on our bikes, however in 1988 the United States Forest Service closed the Pacific Crest Trail to our mode of recreation. No public comment … no appeals … just fear and misunderstanding, mixed with a lot of well funded ignorance. There has been no real movement or change until now. The Pacific Crest Trail Reassessment Initiative ( is trying to reverse that decision; to replace the fear with education and eliminate misunderstanding through collaboration.
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