From Stem to Stern, Hardesty Trail is now Ship-Shape

Disciples of Dirt Trailwork: Saturday April 18th. With 23 volunteers representing DOD and GOATS, nearly every section of the Hardesty trail received some attention. We managed to tick off all of the items on our to-do list including the reroute of a slippery fall-line chute turning it into a fun and flowy S-turn. In addition, problem spots in the tread and on switchbacks were addressed, drains were dug and five folks wielding power brushers cleared overgrown vegitation from the top of the trail to the bottom. The bridge near the South Willamette Trail junction was realigned with the direction of the trail. At the end of the day, tired and hungry trailworkers were rewarded by a fine feast of tostadas with all the fixings prepared by Maria and Tom, with cold refreshments from Ninkasi Brewing to wash it down. A huge thanks to all who came out—it was a great team effort!