Miles of New Singletrack Coming to Whypass

Disciples have their motor running, literally and figuratively. There’s been a lot of good things happening in the Oregon mountain biking world in 2014 and the Disciples Of Dirt are right up there with the best of them leading the trail building renaissance going on! We were in a holding pattern out at Whypass and while the Trail Work Committee has always been hard at work laying out new lines, working with the BLM and going to countless meetings, walking the Whypass hills to find just the right layout for new trails and being good stewards by finding the best way to get off private timber lands … their work was not visible to the masses until now.

In October, DOD began to construct two completely new gravity trails in The Gift zone at Whypass. One is a more traditional downhill line with many technical challenges, spots for hidden speed so you can lose your buddies, and opportunities to show off for the camera. Fortune favors the bold is the theme and Ode to Joy is the name. It’s nearly completely constructed and soon all it will need is time to heal and harden! The second gravity line is a modern jump trail with big berms, rollers, tables and great sight lines so the riding is fast, fun and will get the heart pounding! 

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