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Rocks at Whypass?
You might have heard there are now rocks and technical features at Whypass on Ode to Joy. You heard correctly! Brock and crew harvested many many tons of rock from his and a neighbor’s property to provide opportunities unique to Whypass. 
A New Partner … a New Tool
Making new challenges out of tons of large rocks bring new challenges and the build would not have been possible without DOD’s new tracked wheelbarrow. Yep, we’re rockin’ it big time with a brand new Canycom powered wheelbarrow. It not only saves volunteers’ backs and souls it makes our time more efficient which means we’re able to get more done … and right now with all of our new trails under construction that means more trails, built in less time. Just as there’s been a committee of folks working feverishly to find ways to fund DOD’s need to be more productive and expand our tool chest, quite literally. Through this committee’s hard work and dedication, the DOD was awarded a grant for $8000 from our local REI. That money made the Canycom purchase possible and also funded an enclosed trailer to house and haul DOD’s cache of tools. REI has supported DOD for some time now and it really is a match made in single track heaven!
Rerouting Our Trails off Private Land
The DOD has flagged several miles of new trails for the Whypass system and is not only working on the gravity lines, but also a reroute to keep riders on BLM property while traveling to/from the gravel pile along the west ridge so nobody has to endure pavement ride-a-rounds during fire season. In addition we’re also working on getting our last bits of trail off another timber company’s lands which will get us out of the slog and muck of Bloody Stump. These reroutes not only allow us to play nice with the neighbors and lead by example, it’s adding mileage, technical challenge and sustainability to our network … the trifecta!
Hard work, professionalism and perseverance. Disciples … well done!