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    dug well

    1 hows the legal thing working out at whipe ass? Jk, i saw the sticky about all the trails being whiped out by logging!

    2. You speak prophetically as if you know that unathorized building would do no good, “thats just like your opinion, man”

    2 user trails are not inherintly illegal, and its not like we are only allowed to go forth on city sanctioned paths.

    There are tons of accepted and maintained unoffical trails in this area in and outside city property and the country. It would be discriminatory to selectively permit such walking trails, but to be adverse when such trails are also used for cycling.

    3 the lawler comment seems like a thread hijack. This thread is about trails in proximity to town; to reduce carbon emissions and create local opportunity’s.

    4 we agree max that we need more trail.  i expected your argument that theres new trail to be built, and that your undermanned.  i offered the numerical representstion of how it is much quicker to keep what exists, than to build new. Also stuff close one can take a little walk and clear a few sticks off the tread, clear leaves from a drain, and prune vack a few blackberry vines, in short time, after work, unlike a build day at lawler or whatever cumbersome opperation.

    In the meantime of  opening more official stuff (which is extremely protracted) why not do a little good and get more trail running smooth.

    the whole idea that maintaining trail without permission is a bad joke. That would meen if a ice storm happens and a branch falls on a trail, you would not move it aside, for fear of legal reprocussion. That you wouldnt tuck back a low hanging branch or snap off a blackberry. Ninny stuff. Im not talkin about logging. Im not talking about ebviromental destruction.

    the city goes around putting round up all over shit, cutting down trees, importing gravel into forest, approving giant parking lots… then they wants to tell me not to ride my bike in the woods or cut back some overgrowth… with all due respect, F that BS. They can go to hell with their morally unhinged beurocratic and biggoted policies that marginalize binkes

    Bottom line, lol. Im offering to help the (cycling) community have more rec opportunities, in the most bang for the direct way. If you want to naysay that, well thats just SAD.



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