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      Bob Carlson

      I’ve noticed the traffic on the forum has shrunk to almost nothing. I hope that does not mean the DOD itself is shrinking. That’s hard to imagine. Has its online existence moved somewhere else like Meetup or, perish the thought, Facebook? Are the night rides still going on?

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      Hey Bob, DoD is doing just fine, enjoying the ebb and flow. An awesome trail system is in the works for Thurston Hills and DoD is part of it!!!

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      Bob Carlson

      Thanks. Getting only one partial response to this just deepens my curiosity.

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      Hi Bob,

      We’ve had some great success involving the club in the last two years. As Peter mentioned, the Thurston Hills Trail System is underway, with the first ever urban single track experience for mountain bikes in the Eugene-Springfield area. Other highlights are monthly happy rides, kids rides, classics like Barbie Camp, ACM, and PAP. Lot’s of fun to be had out there. You still in Arizona? Hope to see you up here sometime. We’ll probably still be clearing trails from the snow storm!



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      Davey Sprockett

      Hi Bob, good to hear from you, hope all is well. I don’t visit these forums as often anymore simply because I don’t enjoy DOD’s new website as much as I enjoyed the old one. I find this format clunky and less inviting, so I don’t hang here so much nowadays.

      To set your mind at ease, I’m not on FB, either.

      Let me know whenever you get back up here for a ride. Hope you’ve still got my email addy. 🙂 I propose an official “Bob Carlson Night Ride.” I’ll have to charge lights that haven’t been used since I retired 3.5 years ago. {gasp}

      =Davey Sprockett, King of the Wild Front Tire

      Time to ride

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      Bob Carlson

      Hey Davey! Funny. when I cleared out the garage for our remodeling down here I discovered my light batteries were all dead as doornails. Yup, still in Tucson. Been back to OR a few times, but tend to end up in Bend riding Flagline and around Waldo. Hope to make to Eugene soon as I miss Whypass and DOD.

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