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    It’s time to upgrade my helmet light, which is currently 10 years old, and the sales are on.  I’ve read many sites, and I feel they are all over the place, each list with different brands ranking differently.  I want to hear from my peeps here, who ride on the trails here!

    So tell me about your light.  You like it?  Love it?  Wish you’d paid a little more?  Thought you paid too much?

    I’d like to spend less than $200, preferably South of $150.  The sales will help with that, so let me know what you like, or even if you found a site that ranks really accurately, I’d love to here it.




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    I like the niterider on my helmet and been running Magic Shine for handlebar.
    It’s going to be hard to beat that Magic Combo at that price. See links

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    Thanks Taylorj.  I looked at the niterider, only 1hr runtime at full power.  1 hr isn’t long enough for a Wednesday night ride at WhyPass, what has your experience been on the actual duration?



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    Hi Danimal,

    Sorry, how about some helpful personal feedback – as you requested.
    I have a 650 and 700 lumen niterider (predecessor to the one I linked you to).  On a full charge, both will run at full output for approx 2.5+ hrs.

    I used to ride WP after dark and my wining combo was this: Magic Shine, 1000 lumen handlebar light and niterider on my helmet.
    I would keep the MS on the medium setting except for where the trail got tight (Turmoil – R.I.P, upper Don’s sled, Tree Hugger) where I would open it up all the way. On a full charge at medium setting = roughly 700-800 lumens it would go for 3+ hrs.  I usually would carry a spare battery for the Magic shine and cycle the Niterider out if/and when  the other one got too dim.
    I generally ran the Niterider on the helmet at full charge, unless stopped, chugging a beer, etc.  Hope that helps. This combo worked well for me for around 3 hour ride.  I’d still have lots of light to get back to the car.

    IMO, especially now that WP has been logged so thin, that Magic Shine combo I linked you to prior would be very adequate for riding WP after dark.  Seriously, $183 for that kind of output is a good deal.

    There are some magic shine knock offs too that use the same cree LED technology.  I have seen them for dirt cheap, but have no experience with their performance.  Niterider is rad, but at a premium price.  I still have my Niterider Firestone HID light from eons ago, it’s heavy as F and likely will kill the environment if I don’t dispose of it correctly, but my point being – if you got the coin, Niterider is a quality light and their customer services is good.  I had them do some service on a light once and it was to the mother ship and back to me in 2 weeks.

    What ever you buy, I would encourage you to either buy a spare battery for it, unless it is internal charge only and/or buy a high lumen output flashlight to keep in your bag.
    Walking out of WP with just your phone’s light is not a good time.

    Can I get an amen DOD’rs?

    Have fun out there!


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    Niterider 1200 lumens – $80 at Lifecycles.  I have 2 of the 900 lumens and they last way longer than I care to ride at night 3 hours and counting. Awesome light.

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    I’ve had good experiences with Light & Motion lights.  I use an older model Taz 1200 and Urban 400.  The Taz 1200 has 3 LED bulbs, so it provides a lot of light to the sides and above the center point.  This is great because it allows you to go just as fast at night as you would during the day!  If I use both lights, I’ll put the Taz 1200 on my bars and the Urban 400 on my helmet, but I’ve had no issues using the bigger Taz 1200 on my helmet.




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