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      Hey DOD’ers

      Wanted to pass along some information in the works that some of you may know about and some of you may not know about.

      As the title indicates we are in the process of working with the BLM and other stakeholders on the expansion of nearly 9 more miles of trails out in the Thurston Hills area. In addition to the new MTB purpose built trail system shown there is area for riparian reserves, regeneration harvest and other biodiversity projects in the works.  There may even be some educational aspect for the public that are brought into the project.

      The area is scheduled to be logged this summer and once the logging operations are complete we’ll hopefully be allowed in to develop the trail network.

      This won’t happen overnight and in fact the trails are expected to be opened for shredding 3 years from now!

      How can you help? Easy: volunteer for trail work parties (yes even the ones not at this site, more experience you have, the better trail builder you will be when we start this project!), DONATE, join and become a member, look for opportunities to tell your friends about how awesome it would be to have MTB trails IN TOWN!, show up at public meetings,GET INVOLVED!!

      There is still work to be done out at the existing network and as we get approval from Willamalane to continue the work we started we’ll be moving ahead with various trail work parties there. Stay tuned for more opportunities there.

      I’m excited about the potential we have to be apart of this project. It is because of your membership, your dedication to trail care and maintenance we are able to be included at the table for these project plans.

      I’m happy to field any questions you have so please reach out t o me and let me know your thoughts!

      Your Friend DOD Treasurer

      Justin P.

      PS: Don’t forget to DONATE and I look forward to seeing you at the Movie Night

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      Here is a press release from Seneca regarding the project.

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