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      Want for a quick session at Thurston Hills this am and when I pulled in about 8ish there was a guy in the parking lot with a window smashed out.

      Some lower-than-life-whale-excrement air waster, broke out his passenger side window and ripped off his wallet and phone while he was on a less than 45 minute run. Don’t know much more details than that. I did offer him insight to get phone blocked and located through cell providers.

      A MTB couple from WA in a sprinter were kind enough to let him use their phone and laptop top notify banks, verizon etc.

      Be on the look out when anyone is sitting in parking area in a car. I am looking into options for mounting a trial cam or something to monitor the lot. This is aggravating but not surprising in the times we are in.

      Life's too short not to Mt Bike.

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      Really sorry to hear about this. It’s a shame great public spots like Thurston become targets for criminals.



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      Park Ranger for Willamalane and others have been notified of this criminal activity.

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      Why aren’t there a few cameras at by the parking lot? Pretty cheap these days.  Throw them up on next door. I know an older women hiker last year who’s purse was stolen and somebody took her purse (which she hid under her seat) to buy pre paid credit cards.

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