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      Given the obvious…the woods are a mess and a lot of logs need to be cut out. It occurs to me that swampers don’t necessarily need to work in concert with a sawyer. Traditionally, the swamper was there to facilitate the removal of limbs, debris, help roll rounds out of the way, but most importantly safety. The buddy system.

      My thought for today. If you have time, any time of the day any day of the week, why not head out to a trail and clear all the debris and limbs that can be tossed and raked. When a sawyer and safety/swamper get to that trail, they will be enormously more efficient. I find myself having to spend a lot of time and energy swamping before I can begin to buck in the current situation. I would love to be able to clear a mile of trail in a day vs the 1/2 mile Kim and I were able to clear last Saturday.

      If you do go to the woods to clear trail, you need to be mindful of overhead hazards in these conditions. Kim and I heard a very large tree fall and saw limbs falling as we were working on Goodman last Saturday. Wear appropriate gear. Hardhat, gloves, boots etc. A pruning saw and or a lopper would be valuable too.

      Be sure to post up what you did, how far you got, and an estimate at to the number and size of the logs remaining. Log those hours as well.

      This will be a monumental effort. We need you.

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      That is an excellent idea! There is so much debris that can be removed without a chainsaw. Even a pitchfork can be an excellent tool for thins like small limb removal off the ground. If you don’t have a hardhat, the club has a “loaner fleet” available. Leave some contact info here, and we’ll do our best to get one on your head before you leave.

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      On the subject of hardhats.  You can buy a cheapo at Home Depot or Jerry’s for $10-15.  You can get a professional level hardhat at TerraTech.  TT also has an awesome selection of saws, loppers, clothing….everything you could need for safety and productivity in the woods.  They will probably give you a discount if you mention DOD too!

      Make sure the hardhat has a suspension system (webbing, not foam padded)  and has some designation from osha or ansi to be legal.  Lee or Peter, can you verify?

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      It ain’t over yet!!  We have made a big dent, lots more to do.  I don’t want to burn the same volunteers out….lets see some more faces.  Last weekend saw some fresh faces from DOD, lets build on that.

      If you do pre-swamp, post up.  Sawyers will be all to happy to follow on.

      Remember, Goodman and North Shore are on official hold.

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      How many hours should I log for Saturday?

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      The schedule was 9-4.  Assuming you worked those hours plus 2 hours travel time = 9


      Thanks for showing up Nick!

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      If you attend a DOD, ATCA or GOATS work party and you sign in, you don’t need to log your own hours. They will be turned in for you by whichever entity organized the trail work.


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      Several folks have sent their volunteer hours in and I hope to see the signup roster soon to credit the rest of you, but if you want to be sure that DOD credits your time, send a notice through the website.


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