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      Forest Service is putting on a class to get you up to speed and certified on a gas ax!

      Here are the details from an email:

      The saw class is a whole day long. It is a one-time requirement. Once you’ve done it, we will do a certification for you, but be aware that you have to complete first aid and CPR before you get a saw card. Most people get an “A” cert the first time, but if you look comfortable with a saw and have good size up skills, you can get a B. Just let me know what your goal for the class is. You need to have your own saw and PPE for the class. If you want to borrow that stuff from a friend, that’s fine. It should be equipment you will work with on the trail though.


      PPE required: long pants, 8” tall cut-resistant boots, hard hat, eye pro, ear pro, chaps or chap pants, long sleeved shirt, gloves

      Saw gear required: power saw with chain brake, mixed fuel, files, wedges, axe, saw tools


      Can you all find a weekday that works? If not, I can flex my schedule. Please respond to the poll before this weekend. If none of those weekdays work, I will add some weekend days early next week.



      Thank you.

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      I love doing work behind a saw,I was a logger for 15 years till somewhat recently and really miss that part,I don’t have my own rigging anymore but it’s a goal of mine to do saw work on our trails,are these classes something that happens on a somewhat regular basis or just rare occasions? Once I get a saw again I’ll be interested,I have all the PPE and tools so I just have to save some frogskins for a good power head.Sorry for the long winded single question I’m just bored right now

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      FYI word is the FS sawyer cert. class next Thursday, March 28th, is now full up.

      It sounds like another opportunity for initial or re-cert is through the HCFV for those interested.


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