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    So I just moved back to Eugene. It’s been about 5 years, but I used to ride the Ridgeline to Mt.Baldy loop all the time. Why has it become essentially paved!? I just got back from my first ride after moving here and was so disappointed. The new work that is going on the north side of Mt. Baldy is hardly trail maintenance…it is totally getting paved! I’m not talking compacted gravel, its like built up and rolled, just shy of hot rolled paving. Totally nuts. What is going on? Does no one in this town value natural trail anymore?

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    Welcome back. I am guessing many trail users will see this as an improvement, tho’ not so much from the mtb community. Hoping that future trail design and development in Arlie Park will be more mtb focused. Meanwhile, Willamalane has built mtb specific trails at Thurston with more to come.

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    It’ll be interesting to see what POS and the city of Eugene come up with for mountain bikes at Arlie. Hopefully they¬† will see the value in an MTB trail network and what it can do for not only the riders, but the community at large.



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    really hoping that Eugene can come around. so many opportunities to take advantage of. I can’t help but think about Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, or Duthie Hill outside of Seattle, both shining examples of communities that embraced the sport and everyone has thrived. Given that I am new-ish to town, what is the best way to get involved?

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    A good way to start to get involved is to drop by the DoD social.

    Tonite, 9/17, 6 till 9ish, Falling Sky Deli, 790 Blair Blvd, Eug.

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