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      A committee has been formed to facilitate an update of the 2008 Oakridge/Westfir Community Trails Plan. The Plan is now ten years old and the time has come to create a plan for the next decade. The Trails Plan is an important document that helps the Middle Fork Ranger District make trail planning decisions and recommendations for project funding with public input. The plan also helps the Forest Service understand the needs and desires of the trail-user community in regard to the Middle Fork Ranger District trail system. The scope of the new Trails Plan will include the entire Middle Fork Ranger District and possibly connections to other Ranger Districts and Forests along the boundary.

      Great opportunity to hear about what’s going on and to provide ideas to keep the trails great up there.

      Here is the link to the events on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/283116505866417/?active_tab=about

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      Austin Larson

      The first meeting was really great. All the Volunteer technical committee stuff looks pretty cool.

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