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    Only 2 trees down near the top, no snow anywhere in sight.

    Only 2 trees down near the top, no snow anywhere in sight.

    Let us ride!

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    Yessir! Going tomorrow!


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    If one is to ride Heckletooth from town, how would one be best doing this? I'd like to put the most mileage possible in as I will be taking the bus out to Oakridge early in the morning and won't be leaving until later that evening. I've only ridden Heckletooth once at MBO and I don't exactly remember the road numbers we accessed it by.


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    ride from town to north or south side Salmon Cr trail, when the trail ends get up on the pavement and keep riding upstream salmon creek until the bridge where 2408 crosses Salmon Creek, ride up 2408 to the 5871 junction and hang right (sign says Hwy 58 in 8 miles), ride up 5871 and stay left (on 5871) when you see another road sign that talks about Hwy 58 and oakridge until you get to the 327 junction and see the trailhead on your left and the right.  Take the trail to the right and ride it out, up and over hecketooth mountain, down the switchbacks, stay left on the trail when it intersects with the top of the wall, then ride the ECT out onto Dunning Road, back to Fish Hatchery Road.  

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