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      I'm in the market for a 4bike hitch mount carrier/rack, any recommendations? 

      I'm in the market for a 4bike hitch mount carrier/rack, any recommendations? 

      Let us ride!

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      Evidenced by how many of them you see on mtb’ers rigs these days, you can probably guess which rack most folks are going to recommend: 1up USA. The thing is bombproof—unless you get seriously rear ended. Get the double rack and a couple of extra trays which are easy to pop on and off if you only need that extra bike carrying capacity once in a while. The one downside is the cost. There are no deals, no sales—you can only buy this rack directly from 1up in Wisconsin. 

      I remember the same question coming up before and (using the handy search feature on our website’s menu bar) I found this thread:
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      Honestly the 1UP rack would be my first choice but $1k to carrier 4bikes is outta my price range. 

      Since I will be using this on those rare occasions when I shuttling four bikes.


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      I have had a Thule T2 for 8 years, when I purchased it was really the only choice for a 4 bike rack. It is pretty heavy but gets the job done, really easy to load bikes. The conversation kit for my fattie was very reasonable. Now that I own a fattie I wonder if any of the other racks would accommodate one

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      I like my Yakima, because it has a built in bottle opener.

      Just be sure you get a tray style rack.  Bike frames these days demand it.

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      I love my 1upUSA rack, but get the $$$ issue.  Two trays for me, eveyone else has to find their own ride >;)

      Peeps love these but again, no small coin and the NS rack has some challenges with what bikes can be used with it.

      …I suspect one could get a sweet utility trailer and put  bike trays in it for under 1K or buy a clapped out old pick up to use for shuttle days and maybe dump runs. Food for thought.

      Good luck!


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       I seriously thought about the trailer idea with a tailgate pad but since I will be hauling others peoples bikes I figured I should do something a little less redneck.

      You mentioned some issues with the Northshore racks, care to elaborate? 



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        Northshore racks hold bikes by the fork crown and there's no adjustability to it so some MTBs with thick head tubes (Specialized Demo for example) don't fit.  I can't see a road bike fitting on one either due to the shape of the fork crown. 

        The best value in a tray style is a toss up between Thule and Yakima based on sales/promotions/deals both are going to last a very long time under normal use and if something does break parts are easy to get.  They won't turn heads like a $1k+ rack though.


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      Davey Sprockett

      Hey Jolly, Roland's old Thule T2 rack is available. Holds 4 bikes. Want me to ask Devin what she wants for it? I know she doesn't have a use for it and it's just taking up space in the garage. 2" receiver. It's in good shape.

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      Yes please that would be awesome.


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