Any News or meeting notes to share from the monday meeting?

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    Just curious as to the meeting that was held recently and any new developments or issues?


    Life's too short not to Mt Bike.

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    Minutes from the last board meeting are not yet compiled but since you asked here’s a bit of new info.

    Lane County is in the process of updating planning documents that guide management of Howard Buford Recreation Area. DoD has been invited to participate in the planning process by submitting a proposal for mtb trails in HBRA. Several of us are engaged with this and plan to have something by February. Please do not read any more into this than what it is… an opportunity to submit a planning proposal. No trails have been authorized and there is a long ways to go and many hurdles to clear before any would be.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, that would be epic-groove-tac-ul-awesome to have a biking trail system up there. Lots of vertical and quick access.

    Every time I head out that way I look over at that big’ ole hill sittin’ there I think to myself. “That is a great place to create some epic mt bike trails”

    This area definitely needs more trails that are not 30-45 min drive to get to.

    Back in the late 80’s early 90’s I learned from a couple early era Mt bikers that there were some interesting bootleg trails up there at one time.

    Life's too short not to Mt Bike.

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