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      Maybe I’m just a jerk, but lately I’ve found myself getting annoyed at some people and their dogs. Specifically, people who bring their dogs on high traffic, high speed, narrow trails, in the middle of summer.

      I rode Alpine last weekend and had to continually ride the brakes to slow down and not run over some dude’s dog on the final descent. Not a huge deal, but WTF? Ruining my flow, bro. Plus, the dog looked really hot. Glad you love your dog. I love my dog, too. I just wouldn’t want to mess up anyone else’s experience by bringing my dog on a crowded trail with many places where it’s difficult to just step aside. Also, your dog didn’t look like it was having that much fun (did it run the whole 14 miles from the top?).

      Totally fine with trail dogs in general, but please use your brain when deciding whether or not to bring the dog along for a particular ride. Spread the word.

      Grumpily yours,


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      Hi Tom,
      This is a sensitive subject to me and I wanted to echo your message as it is becoming more and more an issue out in the woods.
      I too love K-9s, but I have issues with them out on trails…
      I have experienced multiple examples where dogs have either significantly complicated the ride, been injured or have injured a rider either by biting them or getting in the way and making them crash.
      It’s a slippery slope for sure as I have met many responsible riders with amazing well-trained trail dogs.
      Obviously, some folks just don’t get it or don’t care to get that it is not others responsibility to keep your dog safe or out of their way.  So yeah folks, if you ride with dogs please, consider other riders experience out in the woods; Especially on crowded trails like Alpine.

      Please help keep the trails fun for everyone and pay attention out there.
      Thank you!

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      IHMO, im just a nobody but anyone taking their dog out of a trial ride in heat like we’ve been having the last 7 days is a friggin idiot! Great way to get their beloved dog overheated to the point of heat exhaustion. Never in a million years would I think to take my lab (well trained) out on a ride/run on Apline, much less just about any other well used MTB trail in Oakridge area. That’s just asking for trouble.  Roll on.

      Life's too short not to Mt Bike.

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