February 2021 Board Meeting Notes

DOD Board Meeting Minutes
Via Zoom
Feb 8th 2020
Commenced 6:30 pm

  1. Public Forum: Scott Briggs, Al Bennett present. Adam Steffan: Articles of incorporation have
    been approved. I think the bylaws were approved. We heard back from ATCA and Team Dirt on
    the BLM fee proposal for site like Alsea and Sandy Ridge. BLM looking to put in a second parking
    lot at Alsea due to heavy use. Considerations included passes for trail volunteers, having money
    being used at the place it’s been generated. DOD to respond and other organizations will
    respond separately.
  2. Position reports
    A. Chair (Lee): Been working with Ben on a membership push going. Spending time with Ryan
    to work on alternatives to our current membership tracking system. Going to draft a letter
    with Peter with the BLM fee proposal.
    B. Vice Chair (Ryan Comeau): I updated the trail hours portion of our website. It should be
    auto-updating, linked to our Google Docs page. We’re searching for alternatives for a
    membership page. It’s been challenging to find one which will allow a member to print a
    membership card. Discussion about membership tiers and auto-renewal/opt-out.
    C. Treasurer (Justin Price) : DOD may want to consider a line item in our budget for
    machine/machine rental/snacks for projects such as Brock’s new line. Peter: So far it’s been
    dependent upon our balance sheet for that particular year.
    D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Jeff to reach out to Terry and see if he’s still checking the availability
    of our tri-fold brochures at various shops. Minutes posted.
    E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): NICA trail work last weekend at Whypass, with SST as focal point.
    Peter: Have there been to any objections to the fee? Adam: No. Cascade Volunteers
    submitted a grant proposal to Travel Oregon to get money into communities adversely
    affected by the forest fires. We were asked to put together a 2-day trail work event to bring
    people up the valley and support the businesses up there. I got my first look at Meaty Snack
    and Skidder at Ridgeline. Eugene Parks and Open Space is looking for people to step up on
    an adopt a trail. Justin at LCBS assured me there are people, especially in NICA, wanting to
    make this happen.
    Lawler has serious drainage issues that needs DOD attention. Willamalane looking to build 6
    1⁄2 miles of trail on their agenda, BLM has 8 miles on their agenda, and CoE is looking to add
    as well.
    F. PR/Marketing (Issac Johnson): Signed up at Oregon Grant Watch to see which ones relate to
    trail access. Also looking at promoting different fundraising ideas, even Amazon Smile. Lots
    of good hype regarding Whypass, various cities, etc. Also, looking at updating the trail map
    for Whypass, with updated trail difficulty ratings.
    G. Rides/Events (Fiona): (Planned absence)

Concluded at 8:03 pm