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The trails around the Oakridge area took an almighty pounding from that snowstorm. ATCA, GOATS, D0D, Forest Service are working together to help clear them out on a multi-day assault. Please consider joining one of the days to help out. NO, experience necessary.  Here is the information for day one, this Sunday the 10th:

WHAT: Swamping & Bucking
WHEN: Sunday, 9AM-2PM (or until we get too cold to keep going)
WHERE: Meet at the Wesfir Portal

Calling all swampers and USFS certifiied sawyers! (That’s pretty much anyone who wants to use our trail system this year… if you can pick up sticks… you’re a swamper!) This Sunday we will start gathering the forces to address the immense devastation caused by the recent “Snowstorm Ryan”.

This weekend, we are going to start by clearing Road 19 and working our way toward 1910/1912 so that we can begin to clear access to get to the upper Alpine trail system. If we have enough hands, we’ll also swamp the North Fork trail with a separate crew, down to 1912.

We need folks willing to transport equipment and folks in high clearance “weatherproof” vehicles. All chain and crosscut sawyers must be USFS certified. This is a great opportunity for newly certified sawyers to get some hours and experience bucking less complicated logs before moving on to the many issues that await us on trail… please remember proper PPE (including hardhat, safety glasses and chaps) and make certain your chainsaw is in good working order if you’re bringing one.

PLEASE DRESS APPROPRIATELY for the weather. It’s cold outside – be prepared and dress in layers – include a hat, extra gloves, and extra socks. Wear waterproof, sturdy shoes. Bring a backpack with extra layers and warm work gloves, or glove liners and a water bottle and/or snacks to help you stay warm as you are burning calories. We’ll bring some extra snacks and warm drinks, but it’s important you take care of the basics!

Tools: We will have handwarmers, extra hard hats and tools, but feel free to bring your favorite handsaw, loppers, or rake with you.

Lastly – plan ahead and get your firewood permit from the Forest Service – you helped clear it, you can take it home too! And if you’re not too cold by the end of the day, we’ll have some hot food and beverages awaiting at the Portal “after-party” (because what is trail work without a reward)!

Questions? Contact ATCA organizer, Michelle Emmons, 541-913-4318 or atca3450@gmail.com.