Another successful year for Disciples of Dirt trail volunteers is in the can!

Among other projects, DOD crews contributed to the long awaited Blue Pool bypass, creating a second mtb-only line to alleviate this high-traffic section of the MRT. Alpine, Lawler, Goodman Creek, Larison Rock and Crawfish also got some DOD attention, as did North Shore and NS Tie.

At Thurston Hills, our trail building experts provided planning vision for some exciting new trail proposals and volunteers completed maintenance with treadwork and brushing.

A big push at Carpenter Bypass saw a rebuild of Stumps Don’t Win. Contributions from our generous partners, sponsors and the mtb community allowed us to fund a contract with Creative Trail Designs to upgrade Fungirl, Can’t Be Done, Moreplay and Sunset, with volunteers also providing support. During the summer, DOD volunteers noticed overgrown trails at Whypass and got them brushed out.

Sadly a strong effort at Shellburg Falls involving many, many hours by one of our relocated trail workers was subsequently lost to the Beachie Creek Fire.

The past year was definitely a challenging one. Though many of our usual large work parties were canceled, DOD volunteering on the trails we love to ride our bikes on remained a constant. Huge thanks to all who gave their time, energy, and support. Our trail volunteers rock!