The 2018/2019 trailwork season has wrapped up and the numbers show that our DOD trail volunteers were a busy bunch. We started out last fall with several days on Lawler rebuilding corners and tread then moved over to Thurston Hills to finish the job we started last year. But then in February it snowed. A lot. The trees came down (in the thousands) and the mountain bike community stepped up. We Disciples along with GOATS, ATCA, and other trail groups grabbed our chainsaws and tools and got to work clearing the Oakridge and McKenzie area trails of blowdown. The task seemed overwhelming at times but our spirits held forth and bit by bit, tree by tree, we got those trails open. It took all spring to do it, but finally when summer came, we were able to put down our tools and enjoy riding bikes on our local trails again.

In the midst of the massive storm cleanup, DOD trail volunteers also came out to help build a re-route on the Middle Fork Trail at Coal Creek as part of a floodplain restoration project with the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council.

This much community effort is worth shouting about. DOD volunteers contributed close to 3,000 hours this last trailwork season, including almost 2,000 hours worked on the Willamette National Forest trails. Huge thanks to all who gave their time and energy. Our trail volunteers rock!