December 2020 Board Meeting Notes

DOD Board Meeting Minutes
Via Zoom
Dec 14, 2020
Commenced 6:35 pm

  1. Public Forum: Mark Bishop present – new person to the area and club. Ben Hansen: Family
    membership system could be improved with a family roster. Adam Steffan: Lawyer returned
    bylaws for OMBC – Adam will forward to DOD board. There will be temporary OMBC board
    members until the election. Hopefully the elected members of the Board will be in place by
  2. Position reports
    A. Chair (Lee): Creswell Bakery is a new sponsor at $1000. We posted on Instagram/Facebook
    their ad. Filling out grant application for REI grant. Lee found a person (Ben Hanson) to help
    handle FB and Instagram sponsorships/fundraising. Working on fixing the membership
    renewal issue.
    B. Vice Chair (Ryan Comeau): Updating website with meeting minutes, and willing to update
    website with any other needed updates. Lee to go over sponsor list and sent to Ryan so we
    can redo the website and sponsors list.
    C. Treasurer (Justin Price) : No new business. Pretty much staying balanced with our budget
    this year. Will put together a pie chart to show where money is being spent so our members
    can see where it’s going.
    D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Minutes were posted. No Holiday Lights Ride this year due to Covid.
    E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): All debris is off the trail at WP now. A little thinning left to do
    around the pile – only impact is about 300′ of area in tree hugger. Moto Alley is apparently
    clear. North end of Alpha needs work.
    For fundraising, we should do a membership drive.
    F. PR/Marketing (Issac Johnson): Ben to help with various projects. Still working to get
    Trailforks updated with Whypass info and route suggestions.
    G. Rides/Events (Fiona): Going to populate the calendar with events, but not going to make
    them live until we get the green light. Looking at an ACM virtual. Grab the TF app, you have
    checkpoints and we send them out a sticker. Peter: Could take several months to get a
    permit for an ACM so would need to start soon.

Concluded at 7:50 pm