Thurston Hills

New hiking and mountain biking trails are on the way! Willamalane and Oregon Woods Inc. have started work on new trails on the southwest side of Thurston Hills Natural Area. Expect vehicles traveling intermittently on Camas Crest Trail as we get the job done. Other...

Cloverpatch Connector

The Alpine Trail Crew Association and the Disciples of Dirt dug into the start of the new Cloverpatch Connector yesterday, a 4.5 mile new trail that will displace the gravel road section of the Alpine-Tire Mountain-Cloverpatch-Alpine loop. This is a gorgeous patch of...

Happy Trails

Trail elves from the NICA Eugene Composite team were at ypass today and put some polish on Northridge.
Digging Whypass

Digging Whypass

Volunteers are digging on a new trail upgrade at Whypass. It will be several months before it’s finished and ready to ride, so please stay off it over the winter. Air under your tires is forecast come spring. The Gift keeps giving.