August 2020 Board Meeting Notes

DOD Board Meeting Minutes 

Jeff’s House 

Aug 10th, 2020

Commenced 6:48 pm 

1. Public Forum: Josh and Tonya. Adam Steffen: OMBC – revisions to MOU that COTA brought  forth, mostly added description of “backcountry.” Will post it. Bylaw review is another document to review. Board of Directors is getting sorted out as well as there’s far fewer BOD positions than  represented clubs. Willamalane: Did a site tour of Arlie with Woody, hired as a consultant and  review the Master Plan. He is helping with the relationship aspect with various user groups and  working on how to improve the working relationship with trail groups.  

2. Position reports  

A. Chair (Lee): Received $250 grant from Greenway off-road trail group. Kona won’t be  able to donate a bike this year. We received a donation from a foot doctor and LCBS. dsf 

B. Vice Chair (Ryan Comeau): Making plans for bike raffle.  

C. Treasurer (Justin Price) : Grants and sponsorship money has been coming in. No [email protected]/ACM  income but expenses are down as well. Trailforks donations coming in as are Amazon Smile.  Finances are stable, we’re not losing money.  

D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Minutes were posted. Minutes should be now available on website.  

E. Trail Work (Peter O’Toole): Frasier Phase 2 proposal continuing. Includes hiking trail to top of  knob, trail at base of basalt cliff. They’re proposing to build a challenging downhill trail at the NW part of the property. Lent USFS our Canycom for trail work since theirs is broken. There’s a trail work weekend at Grasshopper Mtn sponsored by ATCA. It’s limited to 10 people.  

F. PR/Marketing (Issac Johnson): Working on a PR campaign to educate people on more than  the most common local trails. There’s a lot of new riders and we should have more resources to show them where to go.  

G. Rides/Events (Char had a planned absence): We’re not yet allowed to advertise group rides.  Merch: Dennis and I have come up with a photo shoot at WP – More Play. Get a bunch of  riders going down the switchbacks and get pictures to her for t-shirt design. Jerseys: I’ve had  interest in green “evolution of the biker” Primal jerseys. Still planning on Club Ride pre-order. 

Concluded at 8:29 pm