After 20 years a renegade trail system is legalized and ready for improvements

It’s official: what was once a handful of renegade trails in the backwoods near the little town of Lorane, is now a legitimate mountain bike trail system. Miles of digging, piles of paperwork and a whole lot of hoops to jump through … but we did it … the Disciples of Dirt’s own Whypass can finally be on the map!

On August 29th the DOD received notice that we successfully made it through the appeal period of the Environmental Assessment (EA) process and are now able to move forward with plans to sign the area, build new trails, and improve riding opportunities in the Carpenter Bypass (Whypass) trail system. Thanks to everyone who was instrumental in the whole process … from scratching out those first few trails 20 years ago to working with the land managers though all of the bureaucracy … it took a ton of work, dedication and patience to make happen.

Read more here … and stay tuned to find out about work parties as we begin to design and build new trails in the system.