It’s a first! A sanctioned off-road bike race on city property

Taylor Bushnell had a dream…  to extend the limited single track trail system in the greater Eugene area. His dream, along with a lot of hard work, came to fruition on Saturday August 11th in Bloomberg Park where the Tense-N-Grity Short Track Mountain Bike Race was held. It was a warm August morning that saw some fantastic competition from local riders as they made their way around the challenging .8 mile course. A total of 35 racers were divided into six classes—some riding more than once—and all had a great time.

The biggest competition was in the pro class where Geoff Huber and Ethan Stehley battled it out for first and second place with Ethan ending up the overall winner. The relay event was a fun competition for anyone who wanted to ride, with some of the teams swapping bikes to even out the playing field. A kiddie race featured six future shredders engaged in a great competitive battle. 

The race day concluded with the announcement of the winners and a raffle of some pretty sweet prizes donated by local merchants. People sat around and chilled enjoying BBQ burgers, cold beer, music … even massages. It was a great day to be on a bike!

Race Results:

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