Mountain bikers in Eugene to get a new section of trail 

The Eugene Parks Foundation, with its subsidiary Friends of the Ridgeline, has joined an alliance with the Disciples of Dirt, the Obsidians, and the Parks and Open Space Division of the City of Eugene to realize a missing link segment of the Ridgeline Trail System that will eliminate the need to ride on Dillard Road when connecting the Headwaters/Fox Hollow sections of trail to the Mt. Baldy trail. This new half mile segment of trail will become even more critical in the future with eventual development of trails and park facilities in Suzanne Arlie Park east of Baldy and further connection to Mt. Pisgah.

The general location of the proposed trail (shown in blue on the map below) will be a multi-use trail, perhaps with separation of biking and hiking uses where possible. Exact specifications will be completed this year, leading to a proposal to the State of Oregon Recreation Trail grant program. The City of Eugene and other members of the alliance will raise matching funds and in-kind donations to demonstrate community participation in trail completion.

Construction of the trail segment is anticipated for the summer of 2013 with volunteers from the DOD to complete a large part of the trailwork. Stay tuned for updates.