DOD helps spread the good word: Oakridge is awesome!

M…B…O. Just three letters. Just three letters that mean three of the greatest days of mountain biking you’ll ever have. That’s all MBO is. 

Mountain Bike Oregon the brainchild of our friend Randy Dreiling. It’s his vision of what an MTB festival should be: laid back, worry free, fun, tiring, exciting, big enough to be rowdy when you want it and small enough to feel like just an MTB party with old (and new) buds. The only way you could make it more fun is to add a fourth day! At MBO you get all the food, suds and trail your brain, legs and smile muscles can handle. It’s really as simple as choose the ride you want, get on a bus, ride the trail … repeat. Maybe throw some of the included pancakes, free beer, prime rib, mini-bike racing and brownies in there at some point, but those are the icing on the singletrack cake that is Mountain Bike Oregon.

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Dirt Rag magazine recently featured a write up of MBO and gave the event, and the DOD guides, a big thumbs up. There is still time to register for August MBO … the most fun mountain bike weekend you’ll ever have!