Singletrack, suds and buds… what could be better?

EmmBeeOh! Say it with me: M… B… O! One more time: Mountain Bike Oregon!

The first Mountain Bike Oregon of the summer went down July 20-22 in Oakridge, Oregon. As usual the riding was awesome, the stoke factor high, the clients wide eyed and tired legged… and the Disciples Of Dirt were the bulk of the best guide pool on the planet! The event has grown. Responsibilities and expectations raised. DOD members have met those challenges and continue to be important contributors to this truly fantastic event. MBO does a great job of bringing the local mtb scene together and increasing the stoke on Oregon riding.


The smiles were large and legs fresh Thursday as clients and guides strutted around finding old buds, making new ones and strategizing the weekend’s rides. Eyes were bright, smiles were even bigger and struts were still bouncy in the beer and wine garden Friday night. Watching clients and guides stuff stinky socks, rotten chamois and dirty tents into their rigs Sunday afternoon the smiles were still there, albeit partly obstructed behind dirty crust and tired eyes… but a smile nonetheless. 

Disciples Of Dirt, you have done well again. You are good ambassadors of Oregon mountain biking. Now… I gotta start packing for August MBO.


[photos by Ron B.]