Everyone says that September and October are the best in Oregon—and it’s true! Especially for riding up in the high mountains and lakes. The trails have been cleared of blowdown, the bugs are gone, the temperatures are not too hot/not too cold… and your legs are in great shape from riding all summer, right? The window of time to ride high in the central Cascades is a small and precious one, so make the most of it. Whether it’s the Waldo Zone or up in the Timpanogas/Summit Lake area, stunning alpine lakes, spectacular views and some of the sweetest singletrack around are all out there waiting for you.

Check out some or all of the several cool rides the DOD have planned from now until the end of October and take advantage of riding and camping out in what we feel are some of the most amazing places on the planet. There’s the Sawtooth Struggle, the BOB’in for Weenies, the round Waldo “Happy Ride” and the Rooster Ride… not to mention the annual DOD Fall Barbie Camp near Sisters that is usually our last blast before putting on the fenders for a winter of riding WhyPass in the mud.
So get it now … get it while you can… get out and ride!