Trail workers put the final touches on a favorite trail

Three day holiday weekends for most mean getting as far away as possible from anything resembling work, and heading out someplace to play. But for the 30+ folks that came out to the Heckletooth trail work party Saturday May 25th, it showed that the mountain bike community can find pleasure in giving up a day off to give some love to a fantastic multi-use trail. 

The main focus of the day was the redesign of a couple of terrible switchbacks that had fallen apart over the years. One switchback was in a Peregrine Falcon nesting zone where hand tools only could be used, while two powered carriers were able to haul rock below the nesting zone to fortify the lower switchback. With so many people working close together, above and below, teamwork and constant communication was key. 

The crews, with people coming from as far away as Bend and Portland, put in a solid eight hour day to complete the project. Although enthusiasm was high throughout the day, towards the end muscles were sure starting to feel the tons of rock and dirt moved.