Fundraiser Fills the House

First Annual Trail Mix raises money for trail tools

It was a party for real at Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life on Friday June 1st when nearly 100 people packed into the 5th Street store to support a benefit for trail work volunteers. People socialized, drank beer, bought raffle tickets for bike-related and other prizes and bid on some of the even cooler stuff offered for auction.


The evening, planned in conjunction with the IMBA Trail Care Crew visit, was put on by the Disciples of Dirt (DOD) and the Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (GOATS).  When all was said and done, the event brought in $2,200 that will be used to purchase trail tools and other necessities for the volunteers that work on building and maintaining our local mountain bike trails.


A huge thanks goes out to Matt Ritzow of Paul’s bike shop for his invaluable help and support. You can read more details about the event, and the importance of our trail volunteers here.

The DOD Get Some Skills

The IMBA Trail Care Crew demonstrate the essential elements of sustainable trails

It was back to school for forty or so DOD members last weekend when the IMBA Trail Care Crew came to town. After a day of workshops with local land managers—including those from the USFS, BLM and Eugene City Parks—crew members Jake and Jenny spent Saturday in Lorane sharing their expertise on building and maintaining sustainable mountain bike trails. The morning class session in the Lorane Grange Hall was followed by a tasty burrito lunch provided by Kona Bikes and Life Cycle... and then it was out to WhyPass for some hands-on trail building. 

Tools in hand we headed up Tree Hugger, and by the end of the afternoon we had decommissioned one sloppy fall-line section of trail and buffed out the alternate route with berms and drains. We were also able to armor a couple of spots with gravel— thanks to Ben Beamer and the GOATS' power wheelbarrow. In addition, the IMBA crew flagged out a cool extension to this section of trail that will be built once a NEPA study of WhyPass is complete.

A huge thanks to IMBA, Jake and Jenny, and Taylor Bushnell for his work in getting the crew here. You can read Jake and Jenny's blog post about their visit to Eugene and check out more pics of the trail building session on Flickr.

Help DOD Attend the IMBA World Summit in Santa Fe

The DOD needs your help sending a representative to the 2012 IMBA World Summit

Disciples, we continue to grow and make improvements. We continue towards our goal of making mountain biking a readily available and sustainable staple of Lane County’s recreation options. We’ve made some good connections and are taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. While we have some skilled and experienced folks on the board and in the club we still have a lot to learn in dealing with bureaucracy and governmental land managers. Luckily, we have some opportunities to increase that skill set. The IMBA World Summit is designed to help clubs like ours get better at exactly what we need: land manager interactions, removing roadblocks to creating new singletrack, increasing goodwill towards MTB causes and effective fundraising.


We very much want to send a couple of representatives to this year’s World Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our issue is, it’s expensive and we would deplete our general fund sending folks to it. We feel very strongly it would benefit the Disciples Of Dirt and Lane County mountain bikers in general and we are asking for your help to get us there. We have a goal to raise two thousand dollars towards our expenses. We have to pay for the conference, motel, travel and food. While our goal is to raise enough for two representatives of the Disciples Of Dirt to attend, even one representative would be beneficial. Any amount you can give towards this goal is helpful and very much appreciated, not to mention: tax deductible! Thanks for all you do folks. Let’s make this happen!


Donating is easy (did I mention it’s tax deductible?). Just click on "Donate" in the menu bar above and make a note in the special instructions box that it’s for the IMBA Summit.

New Singletrack at Bloomberg Park: Update 04/25

A new section of trail with possible future connection to the Ridgeline Trail

Taylor Bushnell, the DOD Land Access and Protection Coordinator, has been working on a section of single track in Bloomberg Park with the intention of holding short track races there. Bloomberg Park is located across from LCC between 30th Ave. and McVey Hwy. The Tensegrity Cycling team members have already been out clearing blackberries and getting a start on trail building. Sunday April 15th saw a good turnout of trail workers from both Team Tensegrity and the DOD, resulting in the lower trail being 90% completed including two log rides, a "rock garden," and some superb drainage management. The plan for the next work day out there is to cut new trail in the trees. This will be a fun place to ride and a great addition to Ridgeline rides by the end of the summer. 


Important: There have been some grumblings from the local neighborhood association about the increase of traffic in the area. We have the Eugene Parks Dept. behind us on this project, but for now and until we sort things out with the residents, we are asking that you please do not drive down or park on Bloomberg Road to access the trails. If you want to check out the area, you can park at LCC and ride 30th Ave/McVey Hwy to Bloomberg Road. Or you can ride Ridgeline to Baldy to Spring Blvd and connect to Bloomberg Park via dirt roads. View map here.




150 Riders Show Up for All Comer's Meet in the Snow

This year’s All Comer’s Meet was unreal. It is hard to beat riding bikes with your friends on a bluebird day with snow in the trees and hero dirt on the ground after a full week without rain. Over 150 people showed up to make this the best attended ACM ever.  Read More...


Online Magazine Features WhyPass

The University of Oregon student e-zine Flux spent some time getting grimy and dirty with us last year to see what makes us tick—what turns our cranks as it were. Why do we spend our time in the dirt, digging, shaping, grinding, sweating ... smiling? Flux asked those questions and we did our mountain biker best to avoid directly answering their queries and keep our eyes on the singletrack ahead. ‘Cuz crashing sucks.


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