Alpine Rises from the Ashes

DOD and GOATS reclaim a section of Alpine Trail burned by the Buckhead Fire


Like family and friends visiting a fallen pal in the hospital, the weekend of Oct. 20 & 21 witnessed nearly 30 people hiking up from below the Buckhead fire line to begin rehabilitation of the beloved Alpine Trail, aka Oakridge’s “Crown Jewel.”


Crisp temps and blue skies greeted attendees of Saturday’s trailwork kickoff at Oregon Adventures Red Barn. 16 people joined forces to venture to the closest access point to the burn section. We loaded up gear and hiked over a mile to the top of the burn. We assessed the fire’s damage while quenching our curiosities of how the trail fared through the flames. Props to the fire crews for so diligently controlling this fire given the steep terrain. The trail was chewed up by equipment to make a fire break which afforded the work party a logical spot to start reconstruction.

Read more here (more photos too).
Update 10/30/12: Alpine Trail is now open to all users. However, the USFS is advising that people stay off the trail after heavy rain to allow the new tread to settle in.

Horsin' Around on Common Ground

Mountain bikers and equestrians learn how to share the trail

Equestrians and mountain bikers on the same trail at the same time ... by mutual agreement? Yes, you read that right! On Saturday, October 13th, the Disciples of Dirt and the Back Country Horsemen braved forecasted showers to learn about each other while riding trails together at Elijah Bristow State Park. What started out as a meet-and-greet in the equestrian parking lot graduated into exercises that had us bikers flying down the trail hootin’ n hollerin’ towards the horses. Read More.

Coming to the Neighborhood: New Mountain Bike Trails!

 Springfield bond measure for parks, trails and natural areas is approved

Disciples, get ready to get your hands dirty—the DOD will soon be helping to build brand new singletrack in Springfield's Thurston Hills.


On November 6 Willamalane voters approved a bond measure that will fund a number of park projects aimed at expanding trails and preserving land around hillsides, rivers and streams. The bond measure was officially endorsed by the Disciples of Dirt.


“With the measure’s passage, we will be able to significantly enhance our parks, trails, athletic facilities and natural areas,” said Willamalane Superintendent Bob Keefer.


Among other projects, the The $20 million in bond funds will be used to acquire land for future parks and trails, develop new trails and improve and renovate existing trails.


Of particular interest to the DOD is the establishment of hiking and mountain biking trails along and near the Thurston Hills Ridgeline with potential connections beyond through BLM property to the McKenzie River. Sale of the property should be completed in the spring of 2013, at which point DOD trail workers along with consultants from IMBA will be involved in designing and building the new trail system. For more information on the location of these future trails as well as other projects that will be funded by the bond, click here .

It's Time to Ride!

Everyone says that September and October are the best in Oregon—and it's true! Especially for riding up in the high mountains and lakes. The trails have been cleared of blowdown, the bugs are gone, the temperatures are not too hot/not too cold... and your legs are in great shape from riding all summer, right? The window of time to ride high in the central Cascades is a small and precious one, so make the most of it. Whether it's the Waldo Zone or up in the Timpanogas/Summit Lake area, stunning alpine lakes, spectacular views and some of the sweetest singletrack around are all out there waiting for you.

Check out some or all of the several cool rides the DOD have planned from now until the end of October and take advantage of riding and camping out in what we feel are some of the most amazing places on the planet. There's the Sawtooth Struggle, the BOB'in for Weenies, the round Waldo "Happy Ride" and the Rooster Ride... not to mention the annual DOD Fall Barbie Camp near Sisters that is usually our last blast before putting on the fenders for a winter of riding WhyPass in the mud.
So get it now ... get it while you can... get out and ride!

Tense-N-Grity Short Track Mountain Bike Race


It's a first! A sanctioned off-road bike race on city property

Taylor Bushnell had a dream...  to extend the limited single track trail system in the greater Eugene area. His dream, along with a lot of hard work, came to fruition on Saturday August 11th in Bloomberg Park where the Tense-N-Grity Short Track Mountain Bike Race was held. It was a warm August morning that saw some fantastic competition from local riders as they made their way around the challenging .8 mile course. A total of 35 racers were divided into six classes—some riding more than once—and all had a great time.


The biggest competition was in the pro class where Geoff Huber and Ethan Stehley battled it out for first and second place with Ethan ending up the overall winner. The relay event was a fun competition for anyone who wanted to ride, with some of the teams swapping bikes to even out the playing field. A kiddie race featured six future shredders engaged in a great competitive battle. 


The race day concluded with the announcement of the winners and a raffle of some pretty sweet prizes donated by local merchants. People sat around and chilled enjoying BBQ burgers, cold beer, music ... even massages. It was a great day to be on a bike!


Race Results:


More in the Media: Check out the write-up about this event at the Register Guard online here.


M... B... Oh!


Singletrack, suds and buds... what could be better?

EmmBeeOh! Say it with me: M... B... O! One more time: Mountain Bike Oregon!

The first Mountain Bike Oregon of the summer went down July 20-22 in Oakridge, Oregon. As usual the riding was awesome, the stoke factor high, the clients wide eyed and tired legged... and the Disciples Of Dirt were the bulk of the best guide pool on the planet! The event has grown. Responsibilities and expectations raised. DOD members have met those challenges and continue to be important contributors to this truly fantastic event. MBO does a great job of bringing the local mtb scene together and increasing the stoke on Oregon riding.


The smiles were large and legs fresh Thursday as clients and guides strutted around finding old buds, making new ones and strategizing the weekend’s rides. Eyes were bright, smiles were even bigger and struts were still bouncy in the beer and wine garden Friday night. Watching clients and guides stuff stinky socks, rotten chamois and dirty tents into their rigs Sunday afternoon the smiles were still there, albeit partly obstructed behind dirty crust and tired eyes... but a smile nonetheless. 


Disciples Of Dirt, you have done well again. You are good ambassadors of Oregon mountain biking. Now... I gotta start packing for August MBO.




[photos by Ron B.]

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