Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow ... Nor Mud

No, we are not talking about the US Postal Service ... we’re talking about the Disciples of Dirt trail workers. In conditions that ranged from blizzard to drenching rain on Saturday Feb 23, and sunshine on Sunday Feb 24th our hard working volunteers were out there braving it all. And they delivered! Hauling loads of gravel, moving giant rocks, and digging drains and culverts, volunteers logged 320 hours on this second weekend of a huge effort to improve and renovate the Goodman Creek and Eagle’s Rest trails. Total number of hours on the project to date: 857 hours!

Thanks to all of the mountain bikers from DOD and GOATS, as well as folks from the UO Outdoor Program and Eugene Cross-Fit who came out and helped. We are going for one last push on Saturday March 2nd to hopefully wrap up the sections left unfinished. Details are on the forum here. Please join us if you can.


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Keeping Track of Trail Work

It's the end of another trail work season and the final tally of our volunteer hours are in. During the USFS 2013/2014 fiscal year, Disciples of Dirt members logged over 2,700 hours maintaining and improving our local trails. Last year DOD garnered its second award from the USFS for dedication to trail work. Check the forum or calendar to find out about the next trail work party, and join us!

Note: If you have trailwork hours to report, please email them along with a short description of the work completed to

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Eagle's Rest Gets Some Love

February 2nd and 3rd 2013. Last weekend 82 trail workers representating DOD, GOATS, UO Outdoor Program and Life Cycle Bikes came out and put some sweat equity into Eagle’s Rest Trail. The result was the completion of 100 feet of turnpike (with another 175 feet more begun), and three reinforced switchbacks. In addition more than 100 drains were dug, five culverts installed, one section re-benched, and the entire trail was brushed and logged out. 

The DOD plans to polish this trail off at the next work party and then start with improvements and fixes on Goodman Creek. Thanks to all who came out and helped. It was a huge effort!

All Comer's Meet IX Draws a Huge Crowd



Sunday, January 20th 2013

As the riders wound their way through the woods on this chilly January morning, rays of sun began to break through the fog, slanting between the frosted trees and vines. It wasn't long before the spectacular and magical light effects had everyone exclaiming in amazement and reaching for their cameras.


This was the Whypass mountain bike trail system just outside of Eugene and the Disciples of Dirt's 9th annual All Comer’s Meet. Hailing from all over Oregon as well as from California and Washington, 235 people participated in the riding and festivities at this year’s ACM—an event that has slowly grown from “group ride” to “festival” status. After signing in, the mountain bikers broke into groups according to fitness and skill level. Then led by DOD guides, everyone was treated to a fun-filled non-competitive day riding this network of recently buffed-out singletrack trails.


Returning to the staging area (“The Pile”), the now tired and happy riders got in line for hot chili, tomato soup and cornbread. And after filling their cups from the kegs of beer donated by Ninkasi Brewing, they stood around the bonfire socializing and waiting for the raffle drawing. Everyone was hoping to win the grand prize of a RockShox fork, although many other cool prizes donated by our sponsors were claimed before the lucky winner of the fork, Steve George of Portland, was finally chosen.


It was a great day ... of riding ... of catching up with old friends and meeting new people ... and of sharing and showing off the Disciples of Dirt's local trail system. Thanks to everyone who came out and added to the fun and who supported the DOD by buying raffle tickets and donating so generously. We hope to see you next year at ACM X! Mark your calendar for Sunday, January 19th, 2014.


Read more on the DOD forum.


Photos by Nate Pfeifer. See more of Nate's photos here.

The USFS Gives the DOD Some Well-Earned Respect

Disciples of Dirt are awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for dedication to trail work

Ever wonder if anybody really cares about all of the weekend days we spend toiling away improving trails instead of out riding trails? Well, apparently the US Forest Service cares, and they have taken notice ... and they are impressed!  


On December 12, 2012 the USFS Middle Fork District honored volunteers of note at their annual holiday luncheon. This year’s nominee and winner was [drum roll here] the Disciples of Dirt mountain bike club! Paul Timm, DOD’s Trailwork Coordinator, was on hand to accept the Certificate of Appreciation and was warmly recieved by the audience of primarily USFS current and retired employees. When they heard that between the DOD and GOATS, mountain bikers contributed over 2,800 man hours of trailwork this year, the group broke into cheers and applause.


The DOD received this award because of you—our members and volunteers—and you should be proud! Thanks to all our dedicated trail workers for helping keep the local trails open and improved. The USFS literally can’t do it without us, and they have graciously acknowledged it.

Initiative Aims to Put Wheels on the PCT

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have an opportunity to make a difference, everyone's life. In reality there's lots of moments ... but we are often too busy or distracted to notice them ... make use of them. Here is one of those moments, take a moment and do not let it pass you by.

In the Pacific Crest Trail we have one of the supreme backcountry expeditions available. It presents those hardy and lucky enough to make their way on it with views and beauty so rich it can make one wonder how ... how can this be real? How can I make this last? 
For years mountain bikers were able to access this wonder on our bikes, however in 1988 the United States Forest Service closed the Pacific Crest Trail to our mode of recreation. No public comment ... no appeals ... just fear and misunderstanding, mixed with a lot of well funded ignorance. There has been no real movement or change until now. The Pacific Crest Trail Reassessment Initiative ( is trying to reverse that decision; to replace the fear with education and eliminate misunderstanding through collaboration.
Click here for more and join the discussion on the forum.

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