Whypass Trails are Finally Sanctioned

After 20 years a renegade trail system is legalized and ready for improvements

It's official: what was once a handful of renegade trails in the backwoods near the little town of Lorane, is now a legitimate mountain bike trail system. Miles of digging, piles of paperwork and a whole lot of hoops to jump through ... but we did it ... the Disciples of Dirt's own Whypass can finally be on the map!

On August 29th the DOD received notice that we successfully made it through the appeal period of the Environmental Assessment (EA) process and are now able to move forward with plans to sign the area, build new trails, and improve riding opportunities in the Carpenter Bypass (Whypass) trail system. Thanks to everyone who was instrumental in the whole process ... from scratching out those first few trails 20 years ago to working with the land managers though all of the bureaucracy ... it took a ton of work, dedication and patience to make happen.

Read more here ... and stay tuned to find out about work parties as we begin to design and build new trails in the system.

Miles of Smiles at Mountain Bike Oregon

DOD helps spread the good word: Oakridge is awesome!


M...B...O. Just three letters. Just three letters that mean three of the greatest days of mountain biking you’ll ever have. That’s all MBO is. 


Mountain Bike Oregon the brainchild of our friend Randy Dreiling. It’s his vision of what an MTB festival should be: laid back, worry free, fun, tiring, exciting, big enough to be rowdy when you want it and small enough to feel like just an MTB party with old (and new) buds. The only way you could make it more fun is to add a fourth day! At MBO you get all the food, suds and trail your brain, legs and smile muscles can handle. It’s really as simple as choose the ride you want, get on a bus, ride the trail ... repeat. Maybe throw some of the included pancakes, free beer, prime rib, mini-bike racing and brownies in there at some point, but those are the icing on the singletrack cake that is Mountain Bike Oregon.


Read more here.


Dirt Rag magazine recently featured a write up of MBO and gave the event, and the DOD guides, a big thumbs up. There is still time to register for August MBO ... the most fun mountain bike weekend you'll ever have!


DOD Collects Another Award

USFS recognizes DOD's outstanding contribution to volunteerism

Once again the US Forest Service has commended the Disciples of Dirt for their outstanding trail stewardship.  

In the first half of 2013 the Disciples of Dirt have logged over 3,000 volunteer hours removing downed trees, brushing back vegetation, digging drains, building turnpikes and mending bridges on many of your favorite trails. Whether you ride it or hike it, you likely have Disciples of Dirt volunteers to thank for keeping that trail open and in great shapeDOD members deserve a huge pat on the back for their continued dedication and commitment to maintaining and improving the trails that we all enjoy.

Learn more and find out how to get involved here.

Heckling Heckletooth


Trail workers put the final touches on a favorite trail

Three day holiday weekends for most mean getting as far away as possible from anything resembling work, and heading out someplace to play. But for the 30+ folks that came out to the Heckletooth trail work party Saturday May 25th, it showed that the mountain bike community can find pleasure in giving up a day off to give some love to a fantastic multi-use trail. 


The main focus of the day was the redesign of a couple of terrible switchbacks that had fallen apart over the years. One switchback was in a Peregrine Falcon nesting zone where hand tools only could be used, while two powered carriers were able to haul rock below the nesting zone to fortify the lower switchback. With so many people working close together, above and below, teamwork and constant communication was key. 


The crews, with people coming from as far away as Bend and Portland, put in a solid eight hour day to complete the project. Although enthusiasm was high throughout the day, towards the end muscles were sure starting to feel the tons of rock and dirt moved.


Bikes, Beer, Bonfires, and Barbie

Camping and riding in sunny Sisters is a blast

At least 43 happy mountain bike campers attended Spring Barbie Camp 2013 near Sisters April 26-28. Peterson Ridge trails were adjacent to camp so they saw a lot of DOD traffic throughout the weekend. On Saturday, thirty or so riders hit Smith Rocks / Gray Butte, then returned to camp for the usual awesome Barbie Camp potluck where everyone tried to outdo each other with their dutch oven dishes. Everything was about as good as it gets ... weather, trails, camaraderie, campsite, bonfires ... all of it. See y'all for Fall Barbie Camp, October 25-27 near Camp Sherman!

—Davey Sprockett

Crawfish Gets Out of a Rut

National Forest Foundation funds major improvements on Crawfish

When a lot of people, many mountain bikers included, think of the mountains east of "The Grove" they conjure up visions of gold mining and tiny mill encampments falling apart. Those in the know ... take advantage of the rocks, roots and steep terrain to enjoy some of the best riding the state has to offer. If rough and rugged are your flavor of bike trails, the Cottage Grove district of the North Umpua National Forest has some trails for you. The supreme trail in the forest is the Crawfish trail. There's lots of elevation to be lost once you drop in. More roots, rocks and speed than the weak of spirit can handle ... but the reality of Crawfish is: it's an easy trail to ride ... but it's a difficult trail to ride fast!

Read more here (more photos too).

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