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Note the "Upcoming Events" post by Peter.

I'm expecting a large turnout of enthusiastic newbie volunteers.  I think it is critically important that those of us with a little, or a lot of experience help out.  The Thurston project is huge.  We need all the help we can get, and I want to emphasize new recruits.  If a newbie has a good experience and feels they contributed....we have a good chance of them coming back for more.

Thank you!

Paul Timm

DOD/Worker Bee

"Let us ride"

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What Paul said.

Willamalane has registered 33 folks, sure to be many newbies among them. Please arrive @ 0930 for sign in and an organizational briefing. We will head up the hill at ten.

Hope you can be there!

The Thursday crew got a start on it today.




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