SST project - caution!

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Just beyond the 3rd turn on SST  the jump between the trees has a new twist. Folks been crashing, suggest you ride the bypass on the right for now, or look before you leap!


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Thanks so much for posting this up, Peter. People need to be aware that the nature of that jump has radically changed. It is now twice as tall and has been made into a double. You can’t see that second jump as you approach it, but if you hit it the way you always have, things might not work out the way you expected.


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Attached is a picture of the new jump. Peter installed a caution sign on a tree up trail from it. There is also a new jump from the build day farther down the trail-on the straight section just after the Bonyard entrance. That one is a "huck-to-flat" type.



SST Double.jpg
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